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Wedding today.

I went to a wedding today. It was Intan's sister's wedding. Her name is Maya. It was at a catholic church and really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. That is to say, I put aside all the catholic issues I have, and decided to be really happy for Maya and Emmanuel and pray my own prayers when it came to that. Maya was so beautiful and her dress was amazing and it was a touching wedding. Makes me want to get married. Cept I'm kinda still undecided on that issue, and will probably just be happy with me now. The minute I start wanting to be married, I'll be all discontent and have extra issues and stuff. Not cool.

It was good to see Intan and Matt. Matt looked good! He really cleans up nicely when put in a suit and I think all the exercise of trekking around Europe took it's toll nicely. Told some funny stories too. Intan looked beautiful too, all the dresses were amazing. I felt a bit sorry for all of them though, as it was a cold, wet and windy day. Matt galliantly gave her his jacket though, which I thought was lovely and thoughtful.

Japanese continues to be very enjoyable. I have this new "look, cover, write, check" thing to help me learn all the vocabularly and kanji each week. So much to keep on top off. I also need to clean my room and study. Study isn't looking so good. But I'm so not in a cleaning mood! *slaps self*

I've been in a itchy-to-read mood recently. Having read three books in a row last week and nothing this week. It really is rather sad. All of them were fantastic books. Bad books makes Kat want to never read again. Re: Da Vinci Code. What a crap book! Jodi Picoult = awesome books.

Anyway, I have work tomorrow morning, then kids club straight afterwards, then a couple of hours to myself before a 21st. eugh. big day. Wish I didn't have to work. But I needs money. *sigh* Looking forward to the party though. It'll be good to see people
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