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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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buffy smile

Update on my life. Things are swimming by in a satisfactory manner

Life is swinging on alright at the moment. I'm doing pretty well in Japanese and I'm hopefully that if I can keep it up, I'll receive a HD for it at the end of semester. :D

I've been struggling a bit with jealousy. But I've been sharing my struggle on GodlyGals and being open about it with some friends, so I've been seeing what the real issue is for me and then tackling it further. So I'm dealing with it a bit better. It seems that the real issue comes from me not forgiving my friends and forgetting to trust Jesus for EVERYTHING, including me. So prayer for me would be appreciated, thank you!

I received a bunch of parking fines in the mail a couple of days ago and ever since then, Mum and Dad have been really narky about money. Which always gets me down a bit. But I guess I ought to be thankful because it's like a kick up the backside. Hurts, but gets me motivated to do something about it. So I FINALLY sorted out things with centrelink, received a lump sum of money (and I'll continue to get more as semester rolls on by), was paid by work and then I paid 4/5 of all my parking fines and bought a parking permit for uni. Yay!

Also, this helps to clear my conscience. I'm trying to honour and obey God in everything, which also means submitting to the authorities placed above me, which includes parking admin at Murdoch. Now that I've finally done this, I'm happier for it and feel less guilty every time I park without a permit.

My RPG, Deadlands has finished. Which is bittersweet. I was enjoying it, but I just don't have the time for it.

And I'm reading Ephesians. What a great book! I just can't seem to get past the first chapter though. I keep rereading it. I kinda want to memorise it, but that'd be super-hard work.

Anyway, off to uni for me now. With my petrol tank full and parking permit on the dash. Yay!

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submitting to the authorities placed above me

Surely God allows for thinking critically of authority figures in certain circumstances though, right? Some of your submissive talk kinda scares me, in that respect.

Also, boo for parking fines. Keep your parking permit uptodate, girly!

well, ultimately I'm meant to be submitting to God, and he says to submit to the worldly authorities. So I do.

EXCEPT when they contradict. Then it's God's way. And God does say love other people and have wisdom and stuff. He's given me a Spirit of discernment to not blindly be stupid and follow rules willy nilly. :D

Ah, nice rationalising. I like. See, this is what I like, when people can interpret religion and use it as common sense. There's precious little of it left in the world.

I know how you feel about the jealousy thing. I too have felt the 'green-eyed monster' when someone else gave the speech at my best friends party. I know that could'nt have done it right then, but it hurt just the same. For me there was a process of realisation. I realised that firstly, the person who gives the speech is only a representative of all the people that love them. Secondly, I try to remember the things that I give to them that is unique of me. I also kmow that to have people to say good things about you , you have to go out of your way to be a good friend and to show them that you love them.

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