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Today at work went well. Time passed pretty quickly and I managed to not become impatient when customers kept coming in. When I have a bunch of stuff to do and I'm on my own at work, I can get angry and rude. But not today! Yay!

Then caught up with _shana after work. She also finished at 2. It was nice to chill with her. We thought it'd be a good idea to have a picnic tomorrow because the weather has been so nice. But everyone I've called has been busy. I suppose it's too late notice. But they seemed up for next weekend if the nice weather holds as spring progresses. :D

I'm going to an engagement party tonight. woo hoo! Continually praying about my jealousy issues so I'm hoping tonight will be one of celebration and not bitterness for me.

Today has been good. Thank you Father!
Tags: friends, subway
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