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So today I've done mostly not much of anything. I made a stab at my room and study, but because I've had all day to do it, not much has gotten done except I folded up my clothes. Which incidentally, took care of about half the work. Lol.

I created a Picnic group on facebook, so that regular Sunday picnics will be more organised and more people will know about it.
For those of you without facebook, details are as follows:
1pm-4pm, Sunday, Saw Avenue Picnic Area at Kings Park, bring something to share.

Caught up on three days of Japanese news. Didn't understand most of it, but enjoyed trying to understand and sympathising with the poor fellow who was shot in Burma. Or as those crazy Japanese call it; ミャンマー (Myanma) *shrug*

Went to the shops breifly and I intended to buy things for Char Kway Teow, but there were no prawns to be found, so hopefully Laura and I will make it tomorrow. I think it's one of my favourite recipes. I bookmarked it in my cookbook. I also made another batch of banana muffins today. Yummy, but oh so unhealthy. Thus, I caught up on my incidental-exercise routine whilst watching the Jap-news.

My incidental exercise routine involves walking on the spot instead of sitting. Easy to do and doesn't require going outside or to the gym. Hurrah for partial-laziness!

I'm becoming increasingly convinced that my LJ is rather boring. Maybe I ought to post more controversial stuff.

"Today I went to a strip club..." *facepalm* that'll be the day.

Oh by the way, I managed to score that job at Myer for Christmas work. Yay! I win at getting jobs. I think it's my exuberance and charismatic personality. It's not always a dumb stat!
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