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Renewing friendships and new CDs

Yesterday I had dinner with leshara, which was very lovely as I hadn't seen her very often, and it was so good to renew our friendship. I had a lot of fun!

This afternoon I visited countessdeweird, and that was nice too. We went into Freo and ate lunch and wandered around looking at pretty jewelery and clothing that should have been given over to the scrap pile decades ago.

It's good to be on good terms again with friends. Particularly as I've been a bit reclusive recently. I feel better about that now, and I feel there's more peace in me. I've gotten over my inner-hurdles with them :)

I also stopped by JB Hi-Fi and picked up the new Nightwish and Spoon albums! Spoon isn't so much what I expected it to be; less funky than the two songs "Underdog" and "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb" are, but still easy listening and enjoyable. Nightwish is rocking out though. I really like it!

Saw the first episode of season two of Heroes this evening. AWESOME! *squee*

Edit: I also briefly saw javelinface at his house and we finally returned our borrowed item to one another! Yay!
Tags: friends, heroes, music, nightwish
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