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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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daniel jackson speechless

TV and Marriage

The actors who portray Willow and Wesley in Buffy are married in real life (I knew this from ages ago) but today I learned that the actors who play Daniel Jackson and his on-screen wife on Stargate are married in real life too!!


That's all for this entry today. :D

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Hey babe!
I love learning who is married to who. LOL
Isn't Stargate going off air this year or something?

Oh... and is that two girls kissing in that picture?

Don't know about Stargate, I enjoyed the first couple of seasons of the original but haven't gotten into it since then.

Yes, it's Willow and Tara. Coz the topic involved marriage (even though those two aren't married, they're generally recognised as OTP) and a bit of Willow.

I try to rotate the 80+ icons I have, and people don't typically get the wrong idea about me and my stance on homosexual issues. But I changed it so that it makes no one uncomfortble on my recently updated friends list. :)

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