Kat (etimodnar) wrote,


Had a Japanese test on Monday, like I do every Monday. I was stressing a little because I had found it very hard to do study previous to it because every time I'd look at the book I'd go "I know this!!" and then stop studying. Except for kanji... I always need to practice my kanji. Anyway, went into the test and I found it really easy! Hurrah!

Yesterday I intended to study, and I watched 1.5hrs of Japanese news that I hadn't watched previously and wrote up a chart of grammer. woohoo. [/sarcasm]

So life is going alright. Or wait, maybe not so much. I have an assignment that is so incredibly boring, frustrating and insane that I cannot bring myself to do it. It makes me want to scream. GRR!!
Tags: assignments, study, 日本語
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