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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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kitty upside down

Passing Me By. What Have I Done These Past 4 Years?

Ever feel like life is passing you by? I mean, I get that I'm pretty busy and stuff with uni, but a part from that and getting involved in debates on Christian websites regarding theology... I kinda feel like life is passing me by. Facebook has been a great tool to catch up with people I haven't seen in years, but looking at where they are now... I kinda wonder what on earth I've done in all that time since I've seen them. I have 172 friends listed, and most of those I've known in person at some time in my life. It's rather amazing actually. So what have I done with my life?

Since leaving high school:
Got my drivers license.
Moved out of home and lived with a friend named Erin.
Had my first job as a secretary.
Got a boyfriend.
Quit my job and worked as a waitress at a 24hr cafe.
Broke up with boyfriend.
Moved out of house and lived with my friend Tom and his family for a couple of months.
Got job at the Hyatt.
Found a one bedroom unit for $120 a week and moved in there for the next two years.
Started job at Subway to supplement my Hyatt money during the off-peak season.
Quit Subway when Hyatt business picked up.
Tore a ligament in my ankle while working.
Ligament healed, went back to work.
Started teaching Sunday School at my church.
Started teaching another Sunday School class at another church.
Broke my wrist in a bike accident on the way to work.
Quit Hyatt because of my broken wrist.
Applied to Primary Teaching at Murdoch.
Got job back at Subway because I needed work and didn't involve as much lifting as Hyatt did.
Started university.
Mum and Dad moved to Perth.
I moved back in with them after several months because money was far too tight.
Failed 2nd Semester.
In 1st semester, 2nd year at uni, I deferred and worked full time at Subway.
Got another boyfriend.
Didn't work out with boyfriend and I ended the relationship.
2nd Semester started and I started up again.
Here I am now

Now obviously loads of other things happened that are just as life-changing, but much more subtle. But I think it'd be really interesting to go through all my journals and diaries and write down a timeline.

It's probably just because I'm catching up on 3-4 years of people's lives that I've missed out on, and so that why I'm feeling a bit left behind. :) I should study now. :)

I don't like to ask for comments, but could people please comment and tell me something that they remember about me. Just a random memory of you and I. That would be nice. Thanks

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Not a huge life event, but the one that sticks out the most when your name comes to mind: talking about Nineteen Eighty Four at the Mars club room, the first day I met you.

I remember having a good conversation (or maybe it was bad, my mind remembers it as good) but I cannot remember what it was about. :)
I rather enjoyed our scrabble game and I leap at opportunities to throw pleonasm into conversation. Just this afternoon I was thinking to myself and thought a pleonasm. Then my brain jumped on it and said "ah ha! you just used a pleonasm, you are stupid. Hey, I just recognised a pleonasm out of nowhere. Maybe you're not so stupid"

My brain is weird sometimes. :D

You are a genius at appearing scatterbrained.

You seem to be fooled into thinking I'm not scatterbrained.

But while the illusion still holds... thank you kindly!

Well, I did say you were a genius.

Your icon is adorable. But then, I have this whole cat ear fetish thing.

Furry! Oh Noes!
On that topic, I have memories of you being a regular denizen of our Boronian house, and randomly coming home to find you passed out (due to exhaustion and heat) on our couch.

I really don't know where to start thinking through all the memories... So here's a few things that jump to mind that you didn't mention and/or weren't that important but fun at the time and/or were memorable for me.


Tea at the Merchant. It was kinda cool being regulars there :)

You got me drunk! Well done on your success :P Nobody will ever, ever get to repeat that one.

Singing the Philosopher's Drinking Song with you at New Year's before we were really even tipsy, and everybody assuming we were drunk :P

You vastly improved Christmas for me on two or maybe three occasions- hooray for not having to spend it entirely with my family!

That picnic you organised for Boxing Day in the park near Brian's place. Much funness.

Talking to you on the phone while you were living in Newman. Crazy things like playing music down the phone to each other (you're the one responsible for my Placebo addiction) because we couldn't just listen to stuff in the background because we weren't in the same place.

Hm. I could keep going, but maybe I should stop before this comment gets any longer.

Hey, hurrah for me not having to spend those Christmases alone! And so much food for free! *wants good food right now* *raids the fridge*

I so do not remember a boxing day picnic.

Placebo AND Muse. :)

awesome times hanging out at your place in Alexander Heights, driving places, the stop sign picnic, being penguins at the beach, going to the beach, hanging out at my place with Brian and Lise for like 4 nights in a row!, Nic's shed, tea (with no milk!) at your unit after church, the Sunday picnic club, having coffee together, praying together after youth group. Lots of things :)

I'll also always remember first meeting you! :P

I was there hanging out with you Brian and Lise at your house four nights in a row? Sure it was me?

Hey! Milk is a luxury man! :D

Being penguins that night was so fun. Ah, the memories of '04!

I remember us in Physics e.g. reading one of the Diary of a Teenage girl series at the same time (you were near the end and i was at the start). And Bike for Bibles which was pretty sweet. We blocked Teddy Moron off the road and sang songs... You always dropping into my form class and oidly oidlying at Mr Kirby. And if you can't remember all of this, shame on u! Kidding, i know you have a lot of friends to keep you busy

hahaha, good times, good times!

Don't so much remember the dropping into form class and oidly oidlying.

You said that Mr Kirby was a catepillar and that to attract caterpillars, you had to chant 'oidly oidly oidly' *nods*

Oh man! That's hilarious!! ROFL
Why don't I do things like that more often!!?

Do you remember when we gave a caterpillar some kind of send off into the bushes? I seem to remember doing that to real caterpillies as well...

You feel things on a level I doubt I ever will, which I don't think is a bad thing on my part or yours.
You live, where as I exist

I've told you via IM, but with recent events, I feel it should be said here.

probably the first strong, lasting memory I have of you is you storming out of the mars room after talking with Ben, to sit outside and pray. You had lost control and were unable to regain it. :-(

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to... hey! shiny thing! *runs off*

(that said, I also have a lasting memory of you cleaning up mars' dishes and such when you didn't have to. On more than one occasion.)

- Michael

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