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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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Willow surprised


For the past two months, Dad has been sending letters out to various businesses in the district asking for prizes for a quiz night. He's printed off tickets, organised a hall, encouraged people at church to come along... and now it's the night before, and not one ticket has been sold.

My heart hurts for him. He's put in so much effort and has been pretty enthusiastic about it. The money raised is meant to be supporting the chaplaincy program over at Yule Brooke College. Over the past two years, he's been visiting the school, helping kids with their class work and meeting up with some of the troubled kids over lunch and recess. He's done a good job there. And now after putting all this effort in to support a chaplain for next year, no one's there to support him.

My heart hurts for him.

Edit (8:15am 19th Oct): So after asking Dad some more questions this morning when he was in a cheerier mood; turns out he has sold tickets, just not as many as he'd hoped or planned for. They planned for 150 tickets to be sold, and only sold 50. So I'm still sad for him, but not NEARLY as sad as I was before for him.

He can be so obtuse sometimes!!

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That blows. Sorry I'm working, or I would consider it, for you.

Mmmm... I get like that a lot, when you feel so empathetic for someone that you often feel more pain on their behalf than they do themselves. And I hate seeing people disappointed/let down for something they were so excited about.

I am glad it is not as bad as you had originally thought though :-)

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