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Anna's 21st

Anna's 21st birthday party was last night. I had such fun! I arrived there early, but some other people had already done that, so I wasn't the lone-early-arriver. Miranda, Jacinta and I needed some time alone to go through our speeches and make sure we were all saying exactly the sme things. We said some similar things, but not all the same. I wandered off to find a drink and ended up with a cosmopolitian. It was nice, but really strong, so I only had half. It was great catching up with people that I hadn't seen in ages. The food that they were passing around was super tasty and I kept chasing the ladies passing it around.

Speech time! Anna's Dad went first, then Jacinta, me and lastly Miranda. I got a bit emotional during the end of my bit, but I think/hope I covered it up well enough. Got talking to Ian afterwards, and that was kinda cool, fleshed out some theology. Then I realised the time, mostly because I was tired, so I said my goodbyes and went home.

It was a terrific party!
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