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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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Inara and Mal

Movie and uni

This daylight savings thing is crazy.

I went and saw a movie yesterday, Waitress. It was alright. Probably wouldn't go and pay to see it. Didn't really like how the characters behaved. But I enjoyed the resolution. I liked that bit! :)
Nathan Fillion was in it, which had a big impact on the reasoning behind me seeing it. The film makes me want to bake pies.

Anyho, uni today. I have a test, as I do every Monday, and I'm not feeling very confident about it. This is because I've been on prac from Wed-Fri and haven't been any classes. I'm missing out on another Wednesday class this week as I complete prac, but at least I'm not missing out on Monday or Friday classes.
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