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Kat's adventure yesterday. I did lots, but had a blast doing it.

Yesterday was my very first shift at Myer!!

<---- snip, snip, snip ----> (because I rather appreciate victoria_draken's manner of dividing her posts, I'm borrowing her technique. :D)

I'm supposed to be in kids wear, but I spent my first shift in Ladies Shoes instead. It wasn't too bad. I was taken on the brief tour by my very lovely co workers who took care of me! (I'm only just realising now how nice and patient they were with me) They were a bit concerned over how I'd be, but I've spent the last 4 years in customer service jobs, so my main concern was that I was dealing with shoes, not food. :)

The shift went pretty quickly. I wore my shoes that I bought specifically for Myer work, they have a "modest" heel, but by the end of my shift, I bought a new pair of shoes with NO heel because I couldn't handle 8hrs running around in them. Although, having said that, they were quite comfortable for the first 6hrs. Customers would come up to me and be all "do you have this in a size/colour?" and I would dash out back with the shoe they gave me going "where are the [insert brand here]!!?" and then trying to find the kind of shoe it was in the correct size and colour! gah! But by the end of the shift, I was all "oh I'm really sorry, but we don't have [insert shoe here] in that size anymore" without needing to go around the back, because I already knew! w00t! I learnt how to order in shoes from other stores and how to put things on hold as well. It was all pretty cool. But because there's a 25% off sale on most shoes, there were so many sizes/colours that we just didn't have in stock anymore! The first 5 customers I had were like that. I was pretty rapt when I could eventually sell something. However, by the end of the day, I spent all my time on the floor and referred customers to the service desk when they came to purchasing, where a couple of my co-workers were inevitably stuck. Mwahaha!

AND!! I received an official customer compliment!! This older lady came in with a copy of the Myer catalogue and wanted a particular pair of shoes from it. I couldn't remember where it was front-of-store so I could show her, but I remembered where the brand was stacked out the back. So I got her seated and ducked out to grab it in her preferred size and colour. She was impressed with my service and I got a compliment! I'm so chuffed! It was only my very first shift. When I was leaving, I paid for the shoes I'd been wearing for the past 1/2 hr (lol) and the ladies told me that they were pretty impressed with how I'd picked it up too. All in all, I'm quite satisfied with how I did. I don't think I could have done any better.
<---- snip, snip, snip ---->

After my shift, I'd organised to go out with some Japanese classmates. I had caught the bus/train to Myer, and intended on catching the bus to Jacob's house. Jacob also works at Myer, but he's in electrical on the top floor. Anyway, he'd given me bus instructions to get to his place. So as I was coming out of the Garden City complex, I saw the bus I needed pulling up, I ran to catch it, and it wasn't until it was heading in the opposite direction on the freeway that I realised I caught the wrong one. Doh! But I headed back down on the next bus at the Esplanade busport and was there a little late.

<---- snip, snip, snip ---->
We had some drinks and food at Jacob's then headed back on a bus into the city to go to karaoke. That was loads of fun! I had a bit of a croaky voice still, and yet I managed to sing. Singing Smells Like Teen Spirit though... not so much a good idea. Particularly when trying to make it "authentic" by growling out the chorus. Lol

Afterwards, I told them all that the last train to leave would be at 12, but do you think they listened to me? NO! They all said it left at 2. So thinking that we had time to spare, we went to another pub and then when we arrived at the train station... we found we couldn't go anywhere! Surprise surprise.

So we decided to catch a taxi to Jacob's because we didn't have enough money to go our separate ways. So we waited at the Taxi rank next to the train station for maybe an hour (I can't remember because I was falling asleep at this point) until I decided that actually CALLING for a 5 seater taxi would be a good idea. We got to Jacob's and all promptly fell asleep.
<---- snip, snip, snip ---->

This morning I woke up, and really just needed to go home, so I didn't hang around because it was still super early and got on the next bus home. Got home, stupidly stayed up for a couple of hours, eventually went to bed, woke up this afternoon and have had a nice relaxing day of resting my feet. :)

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