Kat (etimodnar) wrote,


Thank you for calming my heart last night. For settling my soul.

But, some part of me wants to rage at many things. Please help me to calm down and to understand that there is nothing to rage at. Please let me be comtent in only your love Father. Please help me to show love to all my friends, even Brian. I don't know anything of Brian, and I want our relationship to be at least bearable. You will that I love everyone, and I'm having a hard time loving Brian.

But, in themidst of this, please let me thoughts dwell on glorifying you, rather than trying to build my relationships with my friends, because the latter is distracting me from you.

I get so jealous, Father. I get jealous of time that people do not spend with me. When people reflect on activities that have happened without me, I want to rage. But I shouldn't rage. Please Father, let me spend more time dwelling on you instead of getting jealous over things out of my control. Please settle me when these occassions arise.

When my emotions are running high, I am only thinking selfish thoughts, which does nothing to glorify you, or to love anyone else.

I've rejected you so often Father, thinking that I can make it on my own, but that only lasts for maybe, a day at most. Please help me in my attempts to love, and to be calm.

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