Kat (etimodnar) wrote,

want beach... beer bad

okies, my feet are a bit swollen, as are my fingers. Uber working + heat = Kat just wants to chill out at the beach! Maybe I'll go tomorrow and spend the whole day there! Anyone want to come with?

Stupid dry hot hotness and hot hot heat.

I worked from 8-5 and then rushed to the local primary school to vote. I love that voting here is compulsory! I think it's great. I also like to take the time to fill out all the boxes on my senate ballot paper, instead of just one number. Yay for the options!

Went to Sizzler with family tonight. It was really nice! Also, family did a bunch of Christmas shopping today. I gave them this peice of paper with a bunch of Myer discounts, and asked them to come to the Garden City Myer, instead of Carousel (our closest) and they did! They came and visited me at work. So we then went to lunch together. It was really nice. But today was super busy. Much as yesterday was also super busy. So super busy! But I hear that it's still not as busy as Christmas *scared*
Tags: family, myer
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