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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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kitty little and lonely


In other news, my last exam was today. Hurrah! I spent the afternoon in a very chill out manner. I ate fruit, I went to to Myer and bought cds and dvd. Oh! I bought Sin City, Sam's Town by The Killers (downloaded it ages ago, and now I finally own it legally! And The Best of The Beach Boys. Because I enjoy them, not matter what anyone else thinks. Whenever I mention that I like them, I kinda feel like Marge and her love of The Monkees. :P Ridiculed. Just because they aren't the Beatles. But I don't like The Beatles. I guess it's because everyone makes such a big deal over them, and they're ok, but not that great.

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Abbey Road is fantastic
I can't stand Paul McCartney but I love the Beatles- so most of their earlier stuff is out for me
and the Beach Boys are great- you just have to ignore that none of them could surf or even swim- god only knows is so fantastic.

after listening to this cd several times, I've come to the conclusion that they had a formula for making music, and used it over, and over, and over, and over....
I still really like them, but I'm skipping every second song. What a bad fan of them I am!


generally speaking, the beach boys are a widely respected band because of their huge impact on modern music. I think they're pretty great! Is it your metalfriends who hate them?

Nah, I have some music snob friends and they have disdain for the Beach Boys because they aren't the Beatles.

But it's interesting that they think of themselves as so great. I'd consider you to be more in a position to be a music snob (tho you aren't) then them, because you have loads more to do with music (editing, filming, just rocking up and supporting local acts, being involved! etc). So sometimes I prematurely get on the defense. :P

No need at all to be ashamed or concerned about liking The Beach Boys. Their music is cool. I love the use of the Theremin in Good Vibrations.

The Beach Boys are an excellent band. I'll play some on Saturday for you.

I like both The Beach Boys and The Beatles? I tend to prefer The Beatles, but that's because I've grown up with them, so I'm more familiar with them.

Than again, I'm a big fan of The Monkees so I'm not sure if my opinion on music is to be trusted. :P

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