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Work stuff.

I've been in Miss Shop the yesterday and today. The upside of this is that I don't have to listen to crappy Christmas music. Instead, we have cool hip music with a good stack of it from JJJ. The downside is that it's taken a bit longer for the other staff to warm up to me, because they're all my age, and people my age think they have something to prove. I've been in the fitting rooms, and MY GOODNESS PEOPLE! How freakin hard is it to take all your clothes out of the cubicle and hand them to me or even put stuff back on the hanger once you've tried it on!? Apparently very hard. Also, leaving a pile of clothes makes it easier to steal things because the items get "lost" in the pile. Quite a few things were stolen today. Not that there's much I can do bout it, but I actually noticed tags on the floor, and even a security tag that had been taken off.

*sigh* maybe I'll get out the foot spa and give myself one tonight. I don't have anything on tonight do I? Also, I have 5 shifts next week. I'm kinda pleased because it means money (yay) but also disappointed because it means work (boo). LOL. But work isn't too hard. I have 2 shifts in kidswear and 3 in a dressing room on the ground floor, which means crazy stress work!! boo.

D'ya'know I have a new watch? I am very pleased with it. It's gold and has a black face. It's simple, practical and elegant! 'Tis a good watch, =)

I am weary now, but in a good mood. Work again tomorrow, boo. :)

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