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Sick and depression :(

Today I am sick. I have a head cold, and it's not pretty. This morning I decided to relax and take it easy in the form of making and eating muffins. While the act of doing this was good, the after-effects of eating 5 muffins in a row were not pleasant. Now that I've recuperated, I feel better. I went to Ali's today and helped construct wedding invitations, stuff them in envelopes and write addresses on said envelopes. whoo hoo. I wasn't in the greatest mood for it, but it wasn't hard work, and it was done in the company of friends. So that was nice, :)

Because my head is all stuffy, I've been mildly depressed today, which isn't so good, :(. I'm avoiding major pitfalls by trying to not think. If I think, it'll only exacerbates any issues I have. *tries not to think*

I hope my cold is over tomorrow as I'm back to work for three days. I bought some heel cushions for my shoes, so I'm hoping that they'll help my feet to not hurt so much. I'm pretty impressed with them so far :)

I feel like the past fortnight has been some kind of hazy dream. I wish things were going alright in my life. Instead, I ignore the issues in the hope they'll go away, but that's not how it works and times like these only make me realise that and become depressed over them.

Can we just go back to being friends now, H.D?

Tags: depression, friends, illness, matt&ali
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