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My Christmas as such

Well my Christmas was dandy, thank you very much for asking!

Woke up at about 8ish, which is not early at all considering I went to bed last night at 11ish. Mum had just come home from working night shift at Royal Perth ED and we all opened one or two presents each. Then Mum went off to bed, Dad went off to church, and Laura and myself soon followed after Dad. Once we came home, I stuffed the turkey and popped it in the oven. I peeled the veggies and put those in the slow cooker, then hobbled off for more sleep because there was nothing to do for the next two hours. When I woke up, Dad had already turned the turkey, and the veggies in the slow cooker were soft, so I sprayed them with oil, took turkey out of oven, and put the veggies in.

Then Mum surprised us all by waking up earlier than we expected her to. So we all opened the rest of the presents. I received:
-From Nunky John and Almost-Aunty Jenny: a watch. It's a casio watch and more casual than the one I bought myself. So I think the one from me will be for work and dressy-up occassions. The one from them will be for all the other times, and I don't have to be so concerned with scratches and the like.
-From Mum and Dad: The Christina Aguilera perfume (smells so good!) and a black evening bag; Regina Spektor and The Killers CDs; 300 and The Notebook DVDs; an MP3 player; a t-shirt; a beach towel; two books and a set of eyeshadows!
-From Laura: a new pair of super awesome head phones. Yay! She gave me a pair for my birthday earlier this year, but they were kinda breaking, what with no sound coming through one ear unless liberally applied with blue-tack in some ridiculous fashion. Because she often uses my computer, she knew that my head-phones were not working. So she got me new ones! She's so thoughtful!
-From some family friends: an apron! Yay! I was using Mum's for all my cooking, but today I finished off cooking Christmas lunch/dinner in my own apron. It's very nice!
-From Work: getting paid early! Money into savings account FTW! Also, I have less shifts after New Years, so maybe I ought to call up and ask for more. I've told a couple of managers that I'm interested renewing my contract... so hopefully I'll stay on and wont have to look for a new job!
Notable items given to family:
Mum: more perfume! A Home Stereo system from Nunky John and Almost-Aunty Jenny for all the weight she's lost this year!
Dad: I gave him a cup warmer/USB hub which he loves because 1)he needs more handy USB ports and 2)he leaves his coffee around getting cold frequently!
Laura: a Wish dress (brand name) that I bought from Myer for FOUR WHOLE DOLLARS! Legally! w00t! It fits her nicely and will be good for nice occasions. And I also got her some make-up brushes so she'll stop using mine and not putting them away again! :D I love my lil' sis!

After the present opening, I put on my Regina Spektor CD, put some greens in a pot for boiling, stirred the gravy and Dad carved the Turkey and Pork (that Mum cooked last night before she went to work) and we sat down and stuffed ourselves full of food! My gravy was a bit runny (as per usual, damn you gravy! lol!) but family really enjoyed it, and cooking was so much easier than I expected. Also, because Mum wasn't stressed out over the cooking, she was all relaxed and we had a very very nice afternoon together. After lunch we watched 300, which Dad enjoyed muchly.

I've spent the past few hours trying to get my MP3 player to work with my computer, organising all my computer cords (because there's so damn many!) and pottering around with family chilling in front of the telly watching the Dancesport, or hanging on the internet. It's been a very nice Christmas indeed.

Thank you Father for blessing me and mine today. Thank you that it wasn't stressful and thank you that Mum wasn't very busy at the hospital. Please keep everyone safe tomorrow as we do our boxing day thing with friends, and please bless all my friends who don't know you. Please show them love and grace. Thank you so much for such a lovely day, and thank you for my family! Amen!
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