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How Long, Oh Lord; How Long?

The news makes me want to cry.

Benazir Bhutto was assasinated and now Pakistan is suffering from violent protests. There are pictures of burnt out trucks lining the main roads, and soldiers standing at petrol stations guarding them for being attacked.

Kenya's election upset many people and there are violent protests there as well. 100 have been confirmed dead, and many more will be too if it continues.

3 Truckies died in the fires between Southern Cross and Coolgardie. Someone let them pass through, when they shouldn't have and they became caught in the flames and died. One truckie who passed through picked up another whose truck had been forced to stop because his tires are melted off. The guilt and pain that the man who opened the road again must be feeling! The hurt of the families who've lost loved ones!

All this news makes me want to cry.

I told Dad this, and he said I should take comfort that God is in control, even though I don't understand why or how in the face of this. These are birth pains, as the world groans out for Justice to come[1]. Jesus, when are you coming again to take all this pain and turmoil away?

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