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Goals for this year

I figure that instead of resolutions, I will have goals that I can work towards this year. So, here's some that I would like to try.

Spiritual Life
Read my Bible and pray every day
I am allowed two servings of chips or ice-cream a week.
Start attending Pilates classes
Spend half an hour, at least three times a week, in some form of physical activity
Pass all my units with credits, distinctions and high distinctions
Don't make the same mistake I made last year.
Put more effort into my friendships with other women
Be a selfless housemate for Heather
Remember the Sabbath day*.

So those are my goals that I can work towards. If I break them, that's not the end, but an opportunity to continue making progress. I wold like to record my progress once a week, but that might make me under law, and then I risk becoming proud. I guess we'll see how it goes.
Now, I have to call these real estate agents about this house I'm meant to be living in soon, get dressed and buy a calender for the new year.

*I am free to remember the sabbath in any manner I want and I've decided that I want to remember it by taking a day off each week. I think this'll be hard to manage with uni and study and essay writing. But I'll have it as a goal and see how it goes.

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