Kat (etimodnar) wrote,


The past week has been super relaxing, but today I'm back at work. Mind you, I'm only working Friday and Saturday. My shifts next week at Tuesday and Saturday (though I need to swap for Saturday as I've something else on).

I officially pick up the keys for the Hamilton Hill house on Monday and start paying rent then. I'm going to move my stuff on Wednesday and maybe have a housewarming on Sunday... we'll see how that goes.

Much time has been spent at pool/beach and I have a nice tan. w00t. Probably more time will be spent at the beach given my many days off, and my move closer to. Though, it will now be at more south-beaches instead of north beaches. To be honest, I'm kinda scared of south-beaches, having never been to one before. I hope they're nice. The north ones are more popular... maybe they're good for surfing, which is good what with my desire to learn to surf. This really is a nothing update. boo to me

Tags: beach, moving, myer
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