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Feeling Better, So We Go On Daytrips!

Today I was not sick! Hurrah! I woke up lots of hours of sleep and slowly ate a bowl of grapes. Then realising how bad my teeth were at, I had a shower and brushed dem teeth! I didn't brush at all yesterday because all smells and tastes, and even the thought of smelling food/deodorant/anything that smells, or tasting food made me feel nauseous. Anyway, teeth were brushed and that was a big deal!

Today family I caught the train down to Mandurah for a daytrip. There were a few hiccups, but I was determined to make the best of it! I had battered fish without the batter, a few chips and most of an ice cream. We wandered around a bit, Mum's hat flew into the canal and we had to fish it out with a broom, we caught the train back and played word games. Yes, I am feeling a little delicate, but oh so much better nonetheless.

I intend to go dancing tonight. But only for half the time. I don't think I'm up for the full 3 hours of dancing. I intended on playing soccer and going rock climbing with Britt, but my illness prevented me, which was sad! I was so looking forward to it! But tonight I shall make up for it.

Also, the plan is to FINALLY move in tomorrow and Saturday morning! Hurrah! (hopefully)
Tags: ceroc, family, illness, moving, sportiness
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