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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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Buffy hair up

Bring It!

Alrighty everyone, I am starting my move TODAY!!!

1. get out obscene amounts of money that I can't keep for bond and rent
2. buy small fridge
3. go to real estate agents and pay them money for keys
4. move the things that can fit into my car into house
5. Saturday morning pick up ute from Bunnings (yes, they do ute hire. WHO KNEW!!!?)
6. pack up bed/chest of drawers/etc into ute and move to house

alrighty! I hate moving, but I'm also looking forward to it. *buckles down*
I'm ready Morning, BRING IT ON!!

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*claps* Yay! Moving is a pain, but it can also be fun when you start getting things organised! :-)

what's a ute? *is clueless*

Wikipedia says: In Australian English the term ute, short for utility vehicle, refers to a passenger car-like vehicle with a tray back, possibly with sides, a rear gate and/or a removable cover or any small truck.

I was reading through this page ages ago and was rather surprised at the differences I found between Ocka (Australian English) and everyone else's English.

kat, here is an invitation to my party. enjoy looking at it!


I hope it's going well!

Heya Kat. It's been awhile hey! Been a crazy busy two weeks for me. I hope your moving has gone well :)

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