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Matt and Ali's Wedding Day. And some other stuffs...

Matt and Ali's wedding was yesterday and what a lovely wedding it was too! I went with Tom, as Anna had lent him to me for the day as my date. :D Even though we teased each other playfully throughout the day, it was really nice that Tom did come with me and took care of me. Gave me hugs and the like, :D

Ali was very beautiful, which goes without saying, but I want to say it, so I did, :D. The ceremony was lovely. There were a couple of not-perfect moments, but they were humourous and so were good moments anyway, like when the flowergirls decided it would be a good idea to pick up the petals on the floor and throw them at Matt and Ali as they were signing the register. Funny! I gave a Bible reading from 1 John 4 successfully. I didn't stumble and I'm quite sure I enunciated properly. I wore my peach/pink dress that I received for Christmas oh-so-many years ago. I think I've grown into it well. By that I mean, I have more confidence wearing it. yay!

After the ceremony, Tom and I bought ice-cream, then went to Anna's house to hang with a few people and eat some ice-cream/dinner before going to the reception. I changed into my Wayne Cooper dress and off we went.The reception was at the Lake Karrinyup Country Club, a very prestigeous location that wasn't heavily air-conditioned, so it was still rather warm in there.

There were speeches; Matt gave a very heart-felt one dedicated to Ali and she was going to respond, but I think she felt a bit over-whelmed by the once Matt gave that she decided not to (and if any other girl were in her position, I think they would do the same). Then there was the Bridal Waltz; Tom gallantly led me out for a short dance near the end when everyone else was invited to dance. Then good dancing music started up and I danced ceroc with various guys for the rest of the evening. Wrap around dresses are NOT to be worn when dancing ceroc and I was very very glad for my boxer shorts that I wisely wore underneath. I had to break out the safety pins at some point and pin my dress down.

Nic Markham and I danced a very dramatic dance that I think shall stay with me for a long time. We danced to the Roxanne Tango off the Moulin Rogue soundtrack. VERY dramatic! So much fun dancing with Nic! Lots of dramatic twirling and pausing in between twirls. :D :D

However, since the wedding, I've experienced many mixed feelings. On one hand, it's helped me to re-understand the importance of marriage, the significance and sanctity of it. I don't think I want to get into it right now at all! I'm enjoying being single and until the wedding, I didn't give it terribly much thought. But in the past 12hrs, all these doubts have been plaguing my head. At some point in time, I do want to be married and experience that kind of love that Matt has for Ali. After the ceremony, I was reflecting with Tom at how I felt very close to God during the service; how I'm united to God in a way that's even closer than Matt and Ali. I felt God moving in me during the service and I feel very blessed for it. After the reception though, I guess I've been feeling a little depressed. This dichotomy within me of both wanting and not wanting marriage now is making me very confused. I've prayed, which has given me some peace, but I think I still need more prayer.

This Sunday was my last at Unichurch. Rory did a short interview with me up the front to give me a proper farewell and send off. It was rather nice. I'm looking forward to being able to put more energy into the two smaller churches I'm a part of, because they need me more and there's more room for me to be a part of them. Also, I don't feel quite so overwhelmed going there because there's less people. :D Leaving tonight though, was nice. Some people said some very nice things to me that encouraged me to be real to the people I'm going to: which was what I intended to do anyway, but encouraging none the less! :D It's kinda sad that it took leaving to get to know some a little better. :P

That is all I think. Writing all this out has been therapeutic and I'm glad for that. I feel even more at peace having gotten some of these confusing thoughts out of me. Thank you for reading. :D

There are photos of the wedding here (I took these) and here (I didn't take these, but they're super nicer than mine)
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