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Jane Austen Book Club and Credit Cards

I jsut finished watching The Jane Austen Book Club and what a good movie it was! :D I just loved how they all ended up together. I particularly loved that the rocky marriage and the divorced couple recommitted to each other. I'm so glad that Prudie didn't have an affair with that high school boy, but went to her husband. And I'm so glad that he decided to meet her there. It was just, a lovely movie. Very much a chick flick, perhaps one for the next girly evening.
So I thoroughly recommend it for women, it is a well crafted, intelligent chick flick.

For the Buffy nuts out there, Prudie's husband is played by Marc Lucas who is Riley Finn in seasons 4 and 5.

In other news, I now have a credit card. My very first purchase was Dexter season 1 box set. It's the Myer Visa card. As an employee of Myer, my card fees are waived and I get lower interest. Also, every $ I spend in Myer earns me 3 Myer One points and every $ outside of Myer gets me 1 Myer One point. 2000 points gets me a $20 gift voucher. :D
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