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Ok, so it wasn't my intention to get drunk. Or smashed, or maggot, or paraplegic.
And I promise that I shall not do it again.
Also given that I now have favourite cocktails and have tried all those I was interested in, I don't think I shall ever over do it again. And tequila shots are evil. Very evil. 5 in a row is wrong.

Apart from the getting drunk, NYE was a lot of fun.
"You're Hilary, and you're Anna, and you're Kay and there's 2 of you. Haha, two by two, hands of blue."
etc, etc.

sunday was spent recovering. I officially woke up at 2:45pm. I had a minor "off" feeling. But no throwing up or head aches. So I got off easy. I went to 2 church services. The 5pm at St Matts, because Ali said unichurch was on, then not on, then on again. So I ended up not going. But then I swung by the Patullo's, where Heather was debating to go to her church, and she asked if I'd come, so I said yes and ended up at Subiaco Church of Christ.
I didn't like the music, but the sermon was pretty good. I met some nerds! I love nerds!
this girl, Jess, just... oh!... so much in common! Like, David Eddings, Robert Jordan, Terry Pratchett, Firefly, Star Trek: Voyager, Scrubs, and... so much other stuff... oh! Nerd fundom!
And it was good meeting a girl who's a nerd. Like, a lot of guys I know are nerds, but they're also big into politics and gaming and all that boring stuff. And when they do talk about nerd stuff, My brain goes in completely different directions. So I might make a comment, and they'll look at me strange coz I toke the conversation into a stream that they didn't want to go or care about. Or when I would think of a good comment to make, they'd move on from that stream or not think my comment was in any way good, because they're boys and think differently.

So, it was so awesome to meet a girl nerd and we chatted and dominated the conversation and ranted about crappy movies taken from books that turn out crap. Except Pride and Prejudice. She liked the Keira Knightly version, I hated it. But that was about the only thing we didn't have in common.

anyway. After Subi CC, Heather and I went off to suround sound to get some movies, and ended up taking 50mins to find 7 weeklies. *rolls eyes* So we stayed up and watched The Lost Boys, The Forsaken and The Omega Code. The 1st movie is supposed to be a cult classic. But all of them were pretty bad, The Omega Code especially. We got out the 1st 2 coz they are about vampires and all vampire movies are bad, so we knew what we were getting into with those ones. They were really bad, but the kinda bad where you watch it anyway coz it's that bad. haha. And this morning (I slept over) we watched Holes, which is a nice movie.

So thats been me.
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