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Bad movie

So I've just finished watching the movie "Love me if you Dare"
It's a random french art house movie. One word (2 word) summery of this movie is...

So like, it starts off with this boy and girl an they're friends and they have a game of dare that continues on throughout their life... all is well until the game gets more hurtful. Like when he leads her on to believe that he wants to marry her, and then tricks her. etc
Eventually they end up marrying other people, even though they both know that they only really love each other (why marry someone else, the poor spouses, who actually love the main couple their married to :( )
Anyway, it ends with them declaring their love (big surprise there) and then kissing in a big hole on a constructio site with the hole fills up with concrete. What the...?!?!?!?!?!?11?!?!?!
But then! It kinda goes forward in time to them as an old couple still very much in love. Except they died in the concrete.
So what the hell happened????
They either died in concrete or grow old together. And what about the marriages they just leave behind? And the kids? And why on earth would you kill yourself in concrete? And what was the director thinking when he added in the part of them as an old couple.

This movie makes no sense. It's predictable (except for the dying) and rather cringe worthy at the stunts they pull on each other. It's meant to be great for the romance, but it's quite self-destructive. 1 star out of 5

So that's my opinion. Hehe, Onion. On to more movies.

I made a skirt today. And so did Heather. Yay for us!
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