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My Japanese exam was yesterday and it was certainly one of those times when God is glorified when I am weak.

After my oral on Wednesday, I was so buggered from study that I just couldn't bring myself to it. And I was beyond caring about Japanese, that going into the exam, I really wasn't stressed out about it. I just figured I'd do the best I could and leave it at that. But the exam wasn't that hard. I mean, I couldn't complete all of it, but I did complete about 80-90% of it and don't think I did too badly. I'm fairly confident I'll pass the unit. :)

Laura's staying with my over the long weekend. We made pizzas last night. Homemade pizzas and fantastic. Then we ate some chocolate pudding (the Australian kind) and watched the first 2 Matrix movies. It was a good evening. Today we're going to go shopping a bit later, and then I think I'm going to a party. :)

It bucketting down with rain today. The power has gone out twice now. I like the rain. But it turns out the sky light in the bathroom is a bit leaky. :P
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