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A Tale of Two Winter Coats. *sigh*

Good morning! Yesterday was my first day of prac. I have four days next week, then an intensive week at Murdoch for one of my units, then two weeks straight of prac. I'm in a yr 1 class at a Catholic school. I'm meant to be doing 1-3hrs of teaching per day and it's mostly a literacy prac, so I'm also going to be teaching religion so that I can make up the hours each day. My teacher's really helpful and nice and the kids are pretty good, but often need reminding to do what they're told. But I guess that's just a yr 1 thing, easily excited and distracted by other things.

I went late night shopping and saw a movie with Alys on Thursday night. I bought this lovely new winter coat. Its cream and double breasted and by bardot. I found a pic actually

It's nice and warm and should last for a good long while. I also bought a nice winter skirt with pockets. Yay! As I bought both of them at Myer, I got a discount with my staff card. There was also a lovely leather jacket from Sportsgirl that I found and it was a real toss up between the leather jacket and the white one. But when I went shopping, I had a long white coat in mind, so I decided to stick to my plan. Either way, I wish I could buy both. Gah, and I just found it online and only my size is left!! GAH! But I need to eat this week, so I really shouldn't buy it and I'm not going to, but man! I really want to and it's right there! *sigh*

*sigh again*

Anyway, Alys and I saw the Sex and the City movie. I guess I was really naive because there was a lot of sex in it. Some of it was bearable, like the under the covers, dimly lit kinda stuff, but there was a lot of brightly lit, not under covers stuff. The fashion was good and so was the Carrie and Big plot, but I didn't like the sex. So I'm now not so naive and I don't recommend it for the aforementioned sex. Though I suppose if you don't mind it, then you will enjoy it.

Today I need to prepare for my small group lesson on Monday and Tuesday and then I have a murder mystery party to go to. ^.^

No takers for casual beer for my birthday?
Also, download Glory. It's not a Christian song, as one of my friend's thought (thus he didn't download it). However, it is excellent.
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