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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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Buffy beer

I made it all on my own!

So now I'm in Carnarvon! I left my house at 5:45 and Perth at 7:45ish and I arrived at Carnarvon at 4:20. I'm quite pleased that I made it in one piece (despite reservations aired by some), with only one stop in Geraldton (almost precisely half way) to fuel up and stretch my legs (and get feeling back into my right foot).

Parent's house is quite big! Even bigger than Maddington and there's only 2 of them now! But it's an investment by the diocese for future families larger than 2 people. :D Now Mum is tidying out the room I'll be sleeping in, Dad has gone to buy meat for dinner tonight and we're all waiting for everyone else to get here. But as I left quite early (mostly to avoid kangaroos at evening) and was driving quickly, we're not expecting them for another hour or two.

I have only eaten mandarins and chippies today, but drunken lots of water and two cans of red bull. My stomach is a little upset so I'm looking forward to dinner and I think I will sleep very well tonight!

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(Deleted comment)
a lot of the country that way was very green from all the farming, at least, it was until maybe 300-400km outside Carnarvon when it all turned into plain, boring bush and straight, straight roads. :P :D

chippies are potato chips. I had one big bag tht lastes me the entire journey because I ate them so slowly!

Yes, kangaroos jump around at night time. Dad's hit quite a few but I've only hit one. My car had to get towed to the nearest town and it cost a bundle in repairs. Thank God we have car insurance! I have no desire to hit another roo, so I don't like to drive in the bush anytime inbetween dusk and dawn. :)

I tend to see more emu's on the way from Perth to Geraldton. I went to Gero to see the parents this break and Didn't see any roo's or emus this trip, but i wasn't travelling around dawn or dusk when i normally see them.

Good to see you had a safe trip.

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