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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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Hiro waffles

out and about

Today I was out and about. I went and had my legs waxed FINALLY! They were man legs, now they're women's legs again. Hurrah! Then I bought a new car stereo for cheaps (and later tried to install it by myself for free. FAILS!). I went into the city, to Target to see about getting my mp3 replaced because it broke and it's under warranty. I read the first two chapters of New Moon at Borders, but didn't buy it. Then I visited Lisey at hospital and that was nice. I ate too many sour worms and felt a little ill. DAMN WORMS! so tasty though...

Although the car stereo installing didn't work out so great, I was pleased by how far I got. I managed to take off the front panel (which was hard work!!) and take out the old one, but the cables and cords for the new one were rather different and I think needs a look at by an experience mechanic/electrician. I put in the new one anyway, I just didn't hook it up at the back. Then I put everything back in its place. I hope I didn't forget any screws. That would be SCREWY! HAH!

Capslock ftw.

Last night I went to Dawn's house because I thought something was on, but it was cancelled last minute and my phone was dead so I didn't know. However, she felt so bad about it (I was rather embarrassed too) that she gave me free dinner and afterwards we went out for half price waffles at Gelare. YUM!

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Such a contagious entry. The way you describe your day is just nice and interesting although those are the random things in everyday life. Keep doing this again! :)

I think this entry is a result of waaay too much sugar (sour worms) and the addition of capslock. Capslock in odd places makes things a bit more interesting. :D

I'll tell you what, my arms are gonna be hurting tomorrow from all the upsidedown screwing in and out of screws in my car today.

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