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Bikes and Henna

Yesterday I visited Lisey and because I'm very low on petrol, I decided to ride my bike/catch the train. So I rode into Fremantle, but on the way I went over a bump and my back tire decided to deflate. Just around the corner though, was a gym. So I stopped in and asked if they had a bike pump. They did and the woman at the counter graciously let me borrow it. But there must have been a hole in the tire, because it wouldn't keep air.. :P

I remembered seeing a couple of bike shops in Freo, so off I walked with my bike at my side. I don't really know how far/long I walked because I had my music and time passed pretty quickly. I walked passed a henna art shop and stopped in to inquire about it. So I've decided to get a henna tattoo in about a week to see if I like the design/placement before I decide to get it permanently.

The lady at the henna place also gave me easy directions to the nearest bike shop on the way to Freo, so I stopped there and spent my last $15 on getting my tire replaced. After that though, the riding was nice and smooth! :D I visited Lise without much hassle, took the train back to Freo and rode back home. I'd had a really lazy morning prior to the bike ride, so I felt much better when I came home. :D I like riding my bike. I wish I could ride it more often.

I FINALLY got around to uploading these commercials on to YouTube for my Uncle's music store. The internet has been way slow because I downloaded too much stuff, so I haven't been able to, then there were other complications... bleh. But now is done!

I am working today. Hurrah! So I'm going to hurry off and get ready for that. :D
Tags: bike, liseypoo, myer, public transport, tattoo, youtube
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