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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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Claire classy


So I ended up getting a henna tattoo today. My leaflet says that it'll last for about 2 weeks.
This is a photo of it with the henna paste covering the design. I was waiting for the paste to dry before I could remove it. I have since removed it and the design is a faint orange. The woman doing the tattoo for me says that it'll darken in the next 2 days.

The woman did a very good job, I thought.

I've been dropped from the forum board, facebook and LJ groups. No surprise. I'm just updating y'all on the situation. I'm glad that I'm gone. But also kinda sad. But I know it was the right decision. :)

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Very nice. What does it mean?

The henna looks awesome. I could totally swing something non-permanent like that.

as for the forum stuff... it all seems very childish :\

Henna is fantastic. I'm lovin' it so far! There were also a bunch of different designs in the shop that had me really interested, but while I'm working 1-2 days a week, I don't think work would allow me to get an elaborate wrist mehndi. :(

I'm so glad I'm not on the boards any more. I'm definitely less frustrated and looking up all my updates when I wake up in the morning takes less than half the time it used to!

Angela, are you still on GG?

yeah I lurk... occasionally I reply :P

Kat, crazy stuff going on around the boards.
I'm still on "staff" (It's now "forum volunteer") but I swear, I'm a ticking time-bomb. I think we're about one discussion about being Pentecostal OR Women in Ministry away from me getting the boot, as well. :-?

really!? What way to you come down on those things?

meaning you're Pentecostal and support women in ministry?

What does that mean?

The Assemblies of God is the closest Pentecostal denomination that I identify with, and 16% of their clergy are women. I think that women in the clergy is Biblical and that the statement of faith of the AOG church is also truly Scriptural. Neither are things I really want to debate about, because I know I'm right... it would be like talking to a brick wall =]

Most of the ladies on the board believe that women can't be in the ministry and I feel like many don't believe in the same things as Pentecostals. I don't get really heated on those subjects until there's a thread full of people quasi-bashing what I feel is the call for my life. Then I get defensive. It's nothing I would want to bring up here on your LJ, I don't want to start a riot! haha

Pentecostals are a little too... out there for me to be comfortable with. I had a bad experience of some people laying their hands on me and praying in tongues when I was a kid. I had responded to the altar call, but had no idea that I would be freaked out by doing it. Man... yeah... I grew up conservative.

But intellectually, I know that it's not, not Biblical. I'm just uncomfortable with it happening to me. *chuckles*

I guess, from debating about the women in ministry thing on the boards, I feel more relaxed about the issue. I still think that it's not right to preach regularly in front of a mixed congregation, but I'm more willing to accept those that think otherwise. I guess what matters most is how I deal with my convictions in my life about it, without forcing it on anyone else (unless it truly is un-Biblical).

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