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Update Time!

A couple of hours after the piercing of the eyebrow, the pain finally went away (or I adapted to it). I like it. I'm glad I've had it done. I've been trawling around on the internet trying to find some nice bling that I can put there once it's all healed, but alas, so far nothing.

I've been getting really tired recently. I'm getting enough sleep, I'm not eating terribly well though. Not BAD, but not particularly good either. So yesterday I chatted to Alys and she suggested buying some multivitamins and seeing if that makes any difference. So far I'm doing well, but I'll let you know how I'm going in a week. The tablets are really big!

Yesterday I went to 2 Halloween parties. For my Internetal friends; Australia doesn't celebrate Halloween. However, we do like parties and getting dressed up is fun! First up was Nifty's. That was a LOT of fun. He has this killer stereo set up and everyone was pretty friendly. But Alys had another to go to, so at 10ish, we left for the second. That was a little weird for me because there were a number of people from high school there whom I hadn't seen in a while - but mostly it was good. Probably less fun than Nifty's, but standing and chatting was still nice.

Today I worked in shoes and was confused many times by all the things on the till I had to remember. We also had 2 new girls in and boy did I feel sorry for them! The one particular lady was trying to do all these things on the till and getting confused, so I was helping her, as well as putting through my own customer's purchases! It was kinda exhilerating and fun, but also mindblowingly stressful. I forgot several basic things while I was trying to do everything at once!
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