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I'm still doing pretty good with that thing in my head. In fact, I'm doing better and better.

But on another topic, every now and then I get into these terrible mood swings where I get really angry. Rage kinda anger.

Heather pulled me up on it this evening and I'm glad she did. I'm acting like a 2yr old having temper tantrums and it needs to end. This afternoon I was trying to print off something. I needed some pictures from the internet and as our wireless is currently down, I was on Heather's laptop. I tried to print from her printer, but it kept "calibrating" and making this terrible noise like paper is about to come out but it isn't. I managed to print 3 copies in 10mins. I became so angry and in desperation I called Heather for help. I was put through to her voice mail though, so I left a message, but it was reather angry (even though I didn't mean to be angry at her - I was just frustrated in general). I couldn't find a USB stick to transfer the file to my computer to print... and everything kept going wrong. RAGE!!!

I ended up going to St Matts in Shenton Park and using their photocopier on the copies I'd printed and the kid's church lesson turned out really successful. The kids made their own little temples out of paper, shoeboxes (empty ones I'd taken from Myer shoe department where I worked on Saturday), string, sticky tape and a bit of fabric. The kids really enjoyed it and we had a bit of a discussion about how the old testament system of atonement worked and how we don't need to make animal sacrifices anymore because Jesus is our sacrifice and he died once for all!

I'd really enjoying these lessons that I'm coming up with for the kids. I know that each week we're learning about really important things and everything we do has relevance and is related directly back to Jesus dying for us and how we can be friends with God. We're taking these big complex doctrines in Christianity and teaching them to kids in simple/fun/as-easy-to-understand-as-I-can-possibly-teach-it ways! It's very rewarding coming up with these lessons, delivering them and not taking them straight out of a leaders manual. It makes me want to not quit. But I know that the moment I change my mind, it'll go back to leaders manuals. So I might as well continue to make the most of the time I have now.

I miss wireless on my computer. I miss using the internet on my computer. I miss Windows XP and firefox (IE sucks). I miss wireless routers that work. :P *sigh*
Tags: church, jd v 1.0, sunday school
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