Kat (etimodnar) wrote,

Josh and Kat: the beginning of a saga (sorta)

Ok, more details.
Over on the bus, we'd all been getting to know one another a bit better. It wasn't until sightseeing that we sorta started singling eaach other out as people to go around this and that touristy thing together (eg. we walked around the National Museum and Art Gallery together). We spent all day Friday together from breakfast to dinner - here's a photo of us at dinner on Friday night - and all day at the conference together on Saturday too (the conference goes from Sat to Wed).

On Sunday I was a bit concerned about how much time we'd spent together because I figured that by this stage, if he didn't know I was interested then... :P too bad. And I wanted to guard my heart from getting too attached if he wasn't interested. Turns out he was also avoiding me and had spent a great deal of time praying about whether to ask me out or not. So Sunday night after dinner, we were walking up to the common room together when he pulled me aside and said as best remembered (*these are actions and thoughts*):

J: I've been praying about you and us and I think you've noticed we've been hanging out a fair bit recently
K: *no really(!), stay calm Kat*
J: So I want to ask you out
K: Is that what you're doing now? Asking me out?
J: yes
K: finally! *dances a jig*
J: *confused*
K: oh, yes!

We've discussed things and it's a formal, official, leading up to marriage one day kind of relationship. We're both very concerned with being intentional in what we do and being Godly. I'm both nervous, excited and a bit overwhelmed that it's come to this stage. It definitly the kind of relationship that I want, and I very much like Josh (as you LJ friends will know), so... yeah. I don't really know what else to say about it.

Right now I'm at an internet cafe because I need time away from the conference (people have renamed it Spot Potential Relationships To Explore, instead of South Pacific Regional Training Event) and time to myself. I also wanted to check my updates.
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