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I've had many many questions recently about the merits of blogging. I seem to have a pre-recorded spiel of some sort that I rattle off when people ask me, but are they my real reasons?

Examining myself it seems to be a need for self expression. But why publicly on the internet? I can do that in my paper diary.
I have a desire for people to know me, but people already do.
A desire to have my words heard - something that has come around to bite me in the butt on more than one occasion.

It started because friends also had livejournals and it was a very good way to keep up to date and in contact with friends. But doesn't facebook now do that in a better way, in that I don't have as many negative ramifications and more friends are on it?

And am I really living up to my spiel? Josh has been reading through these archives - a task that I've felt a bit nervous about, as I simultaneously want to cover up my past and don't want to hide anything from him. It's made me think that my spiel is incorrect. Most of my posts are about trivial things, not so much about Christian things. I don't do that many posts about larger, important issues as I'd like.

And besides, with the rise of facebook and living in Perth for the last 5 years; with the recognisation that friendships come and go, is it really so necessary to have one? Is my desire for self expression, to be known and to be heard really worth all the negative portrayals of myself? Really worth all the crap that I post on here that doesn't have anything to do with my loftier spiel?

Why do you, my fellow bloggers, blog? And for those who aren't bloggers themselves, is it worth me continuing in the fashion I have? Should I stop altogether, or cut back a little?
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