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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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I've had many many questions recently about the merits of blogging. I seem to have a pre-recorded spiel of some sort that I rattle off when people ask me, but are they my real reasons?

Examining myself it seems to be a need for self expression. But why publicly on the internet? I can do that in my paper diary.
I have a desire for people to know me, but people already do.
A desire to have my words heard - something that has come around to bite me in the butt on more than one occasion.

It started because friends also had livejournals and it was a very good way to keep up to date and in contact with friends. But doesn't facebook now do that in a better way, in that I don't have as many negative ramifications and more friends are on it?

And am I really living up to my spiel? Josh has been reading through these archives - a task that I've felt a bit nervous about, as I simultaneously want to cover up my past and don't want to hide anything from him. It's made me think that my spiel is incorrect. Most of my posts are about trivial things, not so much about Christian things. I don't do that many posts about larger, important issues as I'd like.

And besides, with the rise of facebook and living in Perth for the last 5 years; with the recognisation that friendships come and go, is it really so necessary to have one? Is my desire for self expression, to be known and to be heard really worth all the negative portrayals of myself? Really worth all the crap that I post on here that doesn't have anything to do with my loftier spiel?

Why do you, my fellow bloggers, blog? And for those who aren't bloggers themselves, is it worth me continuing in the fashion I have? Should I stop altogether, or cut back a little?

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Hmm blogging crisis. I read your blog and have done for a while now, so it can't be that bad! Relationships consist of the sharing of a lot of trivial material, more so than deep material, so your blog is a likely extension of this relationship dynamic. Having said that, there is always room for improvement, room to grow in depth. I don't think you should stop blogging because of self- consciousness. If you are truly expressing yourself, what does it matter what others think? Do you want to show them a more acceptable, false image of yourself? How do you know that others view you negatively as a direct result of this blog?

The internet should be a relatively non-threatening medium for thoughtful self expression. I like reading friend's blogs because it gives further insight into their true thoughts and motivations. I blog so that others can know me a little better and to share with those who live elsewhere.

Pffft to facebook. It has no depth. Although it is what you make it, i think it's more useless than live journal!

Given all these lofty spoutings in the middle of trivia my suggestion would be to either change your spiel or change your blogging. Putting effort and some level of planning into it and making sure the post is interesting to those outside of the situation are my best tips. I know it's tempting to be slack on the net and i'm no genius blogger myself. But yeah, there's my spiel :)

Don't stop!

But I totally get the crisis. I have a similar crisis regularly, which is probably why I don't post that much :P

I blog because it's fun...I've been a journaler since I was about 6, but I have such rotten handwriting when I write fast that I can't even read my own entries, and so recording things I wanted to remember that way seemed silly. This way I can actually go back and READ what I wrote if I want to remember something that happened to me awhile back.

I also like the social aspect. It's fun reading people's entries and having conversations about them. And it's nice when I have questions or whatever on my mind and people on my friends list help me out.

I think you should keep it up.

If it gets in the way of more important things, then it's time to modify how you blog. If you can't simply modify, because you're too addicted, it might be time to break your addiction.

Not that I should be talking, seeing as I am quite addicted most of the time. But, it's still my advice!

For me it's the creative expression - I can get things out of my head and into words. Sure I can do that privately in a book (and sometimes I do) but I like that people can read it and give me feedback or maybe get something out of what I'm writing. Not all of my posts are day in the life posts (i.e. today I did this, then I said this, then I saw this, then I ate this, etc). Sometimes I'll draw something and post it, or I'll post photos of mine that I like, or I'll post a youtube video I made, or I'll philosophize on something and try to work something out (usually happens when I'm reading C.S. Lewis I notice) about life or about my faith, or I'll reflect on something that happened in the news, etc etc. In other words, there's many reasons why I blog, and a recall of the day's events for me is only one small part.

I am liking videoblogging recently though. I'm liking trying to be creative with it. Takes me back to my childhood as an only child when I'd look into my tv or computer monitor and pretend that I hosted "The Mark Show". Now I actually can :D
I've been trying to teach myself about video editing so I can make it more creative and fun.

I did previously link my LJ to my Facebook account (as you do), but then I changed that. There's too many people on my Facebook f-list. Some of them I'm close to and would be perfectly happy with them reading my LJ, but others that I haven't spoken to for years and year... well, I don't mind if they find it and read public posts on it, but, I don't want to advertise it each time I make a new entry. Writing posts for people on my LJ f-list is.... more comfy for me. It's a smaller closed knit little group. Livejournal.com is just for blogging, whereas Facebook has many many applications. I like the specialist nature of livejournal.com as such.

So when it comes to social networking sites, facebook.com does its job well (effectively making old sites like friendsreunited.com who charge you to use them, well... pointless), but in terms of actual content, I prefer livejournal.com or youtube.com

So,... don't stop. Yeah. That's what I think.

That was a long response of mine. Hope I made some sense :)

I love blogging because I love English, and it's really nice to pour out my thoughts using English LOL! Whatever the case is, it depends on you, your needs, what's satisfying you and what's not.If you think blogging gives you a special satisfaction, then you wouldn't stop. On the other hand, if you think Facebook suits you very well, then you know what to do. You can have both, can't you? But if you want to choose only one, consider your needs. And move on.

P/s: Facebook is nothing like LJ - agreed!

I don't blog anymore because i got some unwanted attention from some angry people. They misunderstood what I wrote and got abusive when I declined to change my position.
I keep the 'entity' so I can reply to other blogs and ask/answer questions. For example, if I was to visit Perth for one day to meet with foreign visitors, where would be somewhere nice for lunch not too far from the airport ?

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