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Today is first day of uni, and I'm hanging around on the computers until Lise finishes and I can go home! C:
Stuff I suspected but now know: FDN150 (Reinventing Australia) is damn boring; Japanese is fun, and I'm interested in it, which helps.

That's about it. I enjoyed my EDU103 (Principles of Language and Literacy) lecture. It was interesting, and the lecturer was cool.

Still to go is 3 other Japanese language classes and EDU162 (Cultural Mathmatics), until next week when tutorials start for EDU103, EDU162 and FDN150. Which is maybe 2hrs each per week each. I intend to attend my first EDU162 lecture, then no others, instead just going to tutes.Same with FDN150. But I think I will continue to go to EDU103 lectures as they're interesting.

I wrote a letter to Lise while waiting for the lecturer to get to EDU103.
I'm bored. Maybe I'll go get food.

Oh, for an hr or so, I hung out with Durston at the Tav. We drank a jug of beer (Some beer is horrible, but Becks is still nice) and played a game of pool that I won... by default... on purpose. Durston's ball and my ball (the black) were in the same pocket - not the pocket I wanted to sink it in. It was my turn and Durston was rejoicing over what seemed to be certain victory, when I purposely made a default shot (I didn't hit anything) which forced Durston to hit his ball, which sunk the black... so I won! Yay!
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