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My day today:
Woke up 9am. Had uber quick shower, made lunch (I love sushi!), washed dishes, got picked up by Durston at 9:55 for uni. Hung around looking over notes and reading my book (guess which one I spent more time on) for an hr. Met Durston at the Tav for our Monday-alcohol-and-pool-playing. Went to lecture, took notes in lecture, was interested in lecture (is my only interesting lecture), went to Jap class and talked to some authentic Japanese students (they're studying Japanese language education (senmon wa nihon go kyoiku desu)) and had general fun in Jap class as I now have some friends to sit next to and stuff up language with. But I think I'm doing really well. Sensei asked me what year I'm in and I responded that I'm Australian. Que laughter. But I recovered nicely by laughing at myself. Aside from that, I think I'm doing really well.

I have a doc's app. on wednesday, when I shall hopefully find out when I can get this plate taken out of my arm. I'm not as worried about hurting my arm as much as I was. Although it still does hurt a bunch.

Saw Anna and Tom, and Maz and Cint after they've all gotten back from various overseas countries (damn jet setters) and had a good BBQ (I like Steak, and Tom cooked it good!)

According to guy from church, yr 6 sunday school, Bible study is starting tomorrow, but Gav hasn't told me anything about it, so I'm hoping Dan Cloughton will call me and let me know what the hell's going on.

O-day was good, I wandered around and saw people I haven't seen in quite a while (including Fi who was friends with Erin back when I was living with her. Fi is doing honors this year) and didn't get a tan, but did get an old school St Matts t-shirt.

Hub is starting on Tuesday with a kick-off dinner. Que excitment.

Summary: I'm enjoying uni and life right now. Haven't been thinking much about certain issues that have been on my mind for long periods of time *wink wink to those in the know* so life is gooooooood. Yay!
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