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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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(no subject)

I have to sign up for my foundation unit tutorial over the internet. 3 weeks ago I did that. I thought it was at 1430 (2:30pm) and only went til 1530. However, today I meander over to the library to check out where my tute is, coz I have a class right before it. Only to find out, that my tut is on RIGHT NOW!!! Confusion overcomes me as I scramble to see how I can remedy this fix I'm in. I check to see other available tute times, as most of them are full, and the only time I can fit it in is right on the top of my Bible study group!!!

So I've changed tutes, and I'll have to bug Clair from MCU about changing my Bible study time and trying to fit into another group. And I'm going to miss out on this week learning stuff about boring politics and Australia... which I feel pretty bad about coz I'm not all that interested in it, so I should turn up so maybe some information will seep into my head.


oh well.

The Amazing Race is back on!!!! *squeee*

This tube guy picture sums up so much about me. When I'm happy, excited, angst-y (anxst, heh, where's the x? heh, oh nevermind!) is good userpic!

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...the amazing race is...?
the amazing ra...!

dont watch that, it rots your brain -_-

bah! the amazing race is great!

farther asploding to the mention of blink 182 songs?!

is great, is awesome!
But... Thursday was not finished... NOOOO!
Want to find out what happens. How much to I love the geek couple!?
They are so cute, and like, cute!
The other couples were all like, I'm so good, see how pretty I am and how perfect my hair is (specially those girls in pink!) but the geeky couple were just so cute and comfortable with their geekiness!

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