October 14th, 2004


(no subject)

Father God
Please forgive me of everythinhg I have done wrong thathas dishonoured you. Please shape me to become the woman you want me to be. I pray thatyou will bless me and this new journal, that you will keep me from misusing it like I did my old one.

Father, I bring before you Matt Lydon. Thank you for making him aware of his shortcomings, and that you will work in him to help him overcome them, and not be tempted by his pride. I pray that he will be able to manage his time productivly. that he will somehow manage to complete his assignments, andto ask for help for his historyassignment, which hedoesn'tunderstand.

Lord, I cannot remember all of the prayer points that I am to pray about, but Iask that I will remember them in time, and there will be other who remember what I cannot, so that nothing goes unprayed for.

Father, I pray for Lise, who hasn;t been to uni lately. I ask that you will give herthemotivation to attend uniand have fellowship with the other Christians there. Christianity is not a private religion, but one which thrives in sharing fellowship anbd being a part of a family. Please Lord, remind her of this.I ask that you will giveher wisdom concerning Dan. That you will give her the words tosay, when her words start to fail her. That she will never beat a lose to glorify you. I also pray for herself and Nic. I ask that you bless their relationship, that they will build each other up in their faith, that you will keep them from temptation, and that they may be a good example for all to see.

Lord, please bewith Ali, as she has grown tired with uni. Please help her to persevere with her studys, so that her time spent at uni will not go to waste. I praythat she will use her study as a tool with which to glorify you.that she will not become lazy or too tired with it. I pray for the women in her family, that through them, Ali's father and brother may come to know you. Please grow in their hearts, so that they may come to know you.

Father God, I bring before you, your servant Dan. Thank you lord for his firm heart and stable mind in the prayer meetings on tuesday nights. Thank you that he is able to provide Godly advice for those who need it. Thank you as well, for his new job at the aged care home. Thank you for the chance you have givenhim to spend time with one of his disabled peers throughout the weeks to come. Please help them to build a good frienship, sothat you may work through Dan to work within the heartof this boy.

Lord, I pray for Brian. I thank you for the many blessings you have given methrough him. I ask you to keep him safe andwell, and to continue to providefor his needs. Thankyou for his new car. I pray that you will never leave him needing anything, and that he will be able to pay his parents back, for his new car. Thank you for the job you have provided Brian, and Nic with. I pray that they may work hard at it, and have an opportunity to "shine like starts in the heavens" before the other workers there. So that others may see them and the way that you have worked within them.

Merciful Father, I pray for Tom. Thank you for his new car.I pray that he may use it wisely, so that the money he spent on it will not go to waste. I pray that you will give Tom guidance for the future, that he will trust you despite not knowing where he is being led. I ask, by your great mercies, that you will make known to him, where he is going. I pray for his strength, may it come from you, and that he will never bewithout it where he needs it.

Holy Lord, thank you for Nic. Thankyou for the wisdom you haveblessed him with. Thankyou for the friend you have blessed him with, in Lise. Please be with Nic this week, that he will always remember to praise you.

Lord, Ipray for Charlie as he leads the study camp, that I think is this week or last week, or the next week to come. Please be with him and with the students, so that they may revise everything they need, and not lack any knowledge they will need in their coming exams.

Lord, thank you for the generosity and hospitality shown to me by the Cordery's. Iaskthat you may bless them for what they haveshownme. Ithank you for givingme a place to stay, but I ask that you will make it so, that I will not intrude upon them for longer than nessarcary.

Please work within me Lord. Please mold me to be someone who will always give praise and glory to your name. I have fallen shortso often, but by your grace, please make me pure. Please let me know you Lord. Please help me, for I am too weak to stand on my own before you. Thank you for making me known of my own shortcomings, so that I was not fooling myself for longer than what I already was. Thank you for always lifting me up when I fall.