October 15th, 2004


(no subject)

Holy Father

Thank you for the many blessings youhave given me today.

Thank you for the time spent with Hilary, as we had tea together and shared our friendship. I pray that shewentback homeand used her study time well.
Thank you for the time I spent growing my new friendship with Tom. Thank you that he was able to teach me snooker. I pray that our friendship may honour you, in the same way my friendships with Nic, Matt and Brian honour you, in that they encourage me in relationship with you.
Thank you for thetime I spent at work, getting to know my co-workers. I praythat I may be given opportunity to witness to them. I praythat youwill use my time at work to bring you glory.

Thank you for bringing me joy today Lord. Thank you for the day off at the Yacht Club, instead working with Eddy. I praythat I will honour you tomorrow.

Thank you Lord.

Please help me not to get complacent with my relationship with you, but seek always to walk with you. Seek always to become closer to you, seek to follow you in everything.

Please help me to get rest tonight Lord. Amen.