October 16th, 2004


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Father Lord,

I come before you tonight, thanking you for all the wonderful things you have made known to me.

Thank you for the leisurly day atwork. Thank you for the contact made known to me, to be given an opportunity to maybe work at Rock-it. Thank you for the new friends I made today. Thank you for the fun time I had hanging out with Tom after work. thank you for the muffins I was allowed to take home from work. Thank you for the girl time I spent with Hilary, Maz, Anna, Lise and Ali.

thank you for giving me the will power to say no to the concert tonight, so that I was able to hang out with the girls, and share fellowship with them.
Thank you for helping me to remember you briefly today. But Lord, I pray that I will remember to praise you more often inthe way I conduct myself at work. I pray that I will work hard tomorrow night at the wedding, and that I will stay awake and alert and not get bored or over worked.

Thank you for Brian randomly reading his Bible the other night. I pray that he may make time, or be given time in which to dwell upon your word. Thank you for the chance that Matt has been given to grow his relationship with Nic White. Please bless that time Lord, and please help me to be more patient and loving towards him. Thank you that Lise has been given a chance to witness to Nell. Thank you that she has taken an interest inwhat you have done in Lise's life. Please continue to work in her Lord. Thank you for Dan's newjob. Thank you thathe has beengiven a chance to help aChristian family with a disabled son. Please be with Dan all throughout this week, and help him to maketimefor you Lord, instead of leaving that time until he is on the bus. Thank you that Tom was able to come to prayer group on Tuesday night. I pray that you will bless him with strength, patience, motivation and guidance to suit the needs he has in his life.

Thank you Father for everything. Thank you for helping me to make the time to pray to you. Thank you for reminding me throughout the day, to pray to you at other times beside this prayer journal. Thank you Father.

(no subject)

Dear Lord

thank you for everything you have blessed me with. The roof over my head, the comfortable, warm bed in which I sleep. the friendships you have blessed me with.

I pray for Kit. I pray for his continual maturing in the christian faith. I ask that the advice he seeks is from wise people, and is not faulty. Please don't lead him into temptation, but help him not to cushion himself. Thank you for his actions and words that demonstrates that he is growing. Please help him to remain dedicated to his study, so that through them, he may glorify you.

Please be with my parents if they are travelling up to Newman today. Or if they are travelling another day, or already have, please remain with them so their journey is safe. Please keep them rested, and please help them to recouperate quickly when they reach Newman. I pray for Mum as she goes back to work at the hopsikle. Please help her to have patience with her co-workers and her patients. Please Lord, help her not to become depreased at the state of the work place there. Please be with Dad, that he may be able to fulfill all his duty there with a Godly heart. Please be with Laura as she goes back to school in the next few days. Please help her to build up her friends, and to bring them along to church, so that they may hear of your good deeds. please bless her with a Christian friend, so that they might grow each other in you. Please Lord. Please be there for my sister. I love her so much and do not want her to fall into hard times. Please teach her to love and obey mum and Dad. Please help my family to be patient with one another. Please help them to show love always.

I pray for Tom and his family. Please bless them for the hospitality they have shown me. Please be with Tom as he struggles with uni work and the other problems he has in his life. Please be with him even though he cannot feel you Lord.

I pray that everything will go smoothly tonight at work. Please help the time to go swiftly, and for me not to get impatient with long and boring tasks.

Thank you for everything you bless me with every day. Please help me not to forget you in anything I do. Please help me to glorify you always.