October 20th, 2004


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Father Lord.

Before I sleep tonight, I pray for myself and my pride.

I cannot grow what I do not have to grow, and I cannot feel any seeds of humility within me. Please plant these seeds within me, and give me opportunity to grow to be humble. Please help me not to be proud in anything, save yourself. I admit, that I have been proud of my prayer efforts, but I have only been awakened to my need for prayer by your grace. I can only prayer because of your love and grace you have shown towards me. I am sorry for taking credit for your mercy.

Please Lord, please help me to be humble. Not the false humility that I sometimes fall into, but real humility that comes from your blessings upon me. Please help me, because I am helpless in my sin, and everything I do is because you give me strength.

This past week Lord, I have had my ups and downs, which is not good. Please help me to be stable in my emotions. Please help me to be calm.

All I can do is plead for your mercy. When we seek your goodness Lord, you answer the door. Please guild me into a path of emotional stability and humility.



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Father Lord

Thank you for Dan's recovery. Thank you that his 1st week of work went well, and he wasn't sick for too long as to miss out on continuous working. Please continue to heal him as his throat is still sore. I also pray that these coming weeks will go well for Dan at work, and I put before you next Thursdays meeting with the young man Dan will be aiding. Please help that to go well. I also pray that Dan's parents will be able to fully prepare for their moving to Melbourne soon. Thank you that Dan has had time to read his Bible, and that has opened disussion at work, but I pray that he will find the time to pray, and when he does have the time, he will not waste it.

I pray for Tom. Thank you that his interview on Monday went so well. Thank you that he has been reading his Bible more. Please give him opportunities at uni to speak about you. Please help him to be more confident and to give him the words to say that will be most helpful andGodly to his peers. Please help Tom with showing extravagent love to people, especially those who annoy him. Also Lord, I ask that you give Tom guidance for where you want him next year. Please make your path known to him.

I thank you for Ians great test result. Thank you for motivating Ian to study for his test, and I ask that he continue studying for the few weeks left of uni. Thank you for helping Ian get through the last few weeks with all the stress placed upon him. I pray for Ian's friend Matt O. Please let it be your will, that he is given another chance and not dealt with too harshly over cheating an assignment. Please give Ian opportunities to talk to people about you, and when those opportunities come, please help him deal with them in a gentle and Godly manner.

Lord, I bring before you Ali. Thank you that she was able to read a greatbook and find encouragement in it. I pray for her Dad and Brother. Please keep the women in Ali's family as good examples to the men. Please work in their hearts so that they may see what Christianity really is, instead of the facade that many people put up about them. Thank you for Ali's improved study habits Lord, thank you for helping her to work harder. Please continue to help her, particularly regarding flute practice. Please help her to be patient with it, and to make time to practice. Please help Ali to be Godly in all areas of her life. Please teach her how to juggle it all, so that her life may glorify you.

Lord, please be always with Matt. Please, please help him to get more sleep each night. Please help him to discapline himself, and when he does not have the strength, please bring a Christian influence into his life, to help keep him incheck. Please help him moniter his pride, to recognise it and prevent it from rising again. Please help him with his bible reading, his motivation to work, his patience, his purity in thought and deed, honouring his parents, and in reading his Bible. There are so many things he needs help with, and he cannot fo it alone with his own strength failing from lack of sleep. Please give him your own strength, so that he will not be lacking the means to keep himself Godly. Thank you for helping him to find the time to pray to you. Please help him to always find time, so that he isnot falling asleep by the time he comes to you. Please help him to keep him relationship with you foremost in his life, and he will not neglect it. Finally, thank you for Matt and Ali on their 7 month anniversary. Thank you for keeping them working well together, and building each other up in relationship to you, and keep them pure, so that they may be a good and Godly example to their peers.

Lord Father, please be with Lise, particularly in her active MCU and uni life. I pray that you will aid the MCU getting back on campus, that the new female staff memeber will beable towork well with the students, and that you will bless thenew commity andhelp them to make the right decisions in the coming AGM. Please also inspire the other Christians on the campus to attend MCU. I pray for Lise's friend Stacey and Dan. Please be with Dan to move away from Stacey, and please also bewith Stacey, so that she may be patient and kind with Dan, despite his unwelcome advances. Please help Lise to show love and patience towards Dan and Julien. Please help her to show them love always. Please help Lise with her lying. It has come to the point where she is getting fed up with it in her life. Please help her words to always be truthful, and to help her to recognise when they are not, and take action to remedy it. I bring before you, Lise's Grandads coming trail. Lord, I ask that you help Lise forgive her Grandad for his sins against her family. Please help her to find love in her heart for him. And I pray that he may be brought to justice.

I pray for Nic. Please be with his as he struggles with energy and time management. Please help him to use the time that he has been given, in a Godly and productive way, instead of mindlessly wasting it. Please help him with his ability to have a good conversation at all times, instead of only when he is feeling drowsy. Also, please help him with his clarity of thought and speech while discussing things with Brian. Please help Nic and Brian to build each other up while they spend much time togther, instead of falling into routine, habit and sin. Thank you Lord, for the good friends that you have blessed Nic with, so that they encourage him, instead of bringing him down.

I bring before you Brian, Lord. Please help him in all areas of his life that he is struggling with, and thank you for his continual growth in knowledge and pursuit of you.

Finally Lord, I bring myself before you, with all my shortcomings and needs. Please help me to be humble in listening to critisism. Please break down my pride, so that I may accept it graciously, and always work to change myself to becoming more Godly, in getting fed up with the pursuit of holiness. Please help me Lord, in all things. Because I am not strong enough to resist temptation myself.