October 22nd, 2004


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Hello Father

You are so awesome. The storm you sent us last night was so great. I really loved it Lord and have commented on it several times today, then related it to your power. You are so awesome.

I pray for Anna and her job appliation at the day care centre during the holidays. We both know Father, that Anna is so good with children, and I think she would be great at that job. I pray that it is in your will that she be blessed with it. And if she isn't, then I pray the postition would be filled with someone Godly and Anna will quickly find a different job. I also pray for the opportunity Anna may have togo to Italy to work as a nanny. Please let her hear bak from the family soon Lord. I pray that it be in your will that she expirence Italy first hand, but please bless her with far more if it is not your will. Please let Anna come to know your love Lord. She is such an great girl, and you love her so much, but please work in her, so that she may love you too.

I also pray for Lise. I pray for the chance she may get to go on this union bus camp thing to the eastern states. I don't remember the details, but it sounds as if it would be encouraging to her spiritual growth, as these things often are. Please provide the funding for her to go on this trip. There was something else I was going to pray for conerning Lise, Lord. But I've forgotten it. I trust that you know what I've forgotten, and I pray that your will be done regarding it, and that Lise will be blessed with peace and happiness and love whatever the outcome will be.

Lord, thank you for tonight at work, that we got to finish early. Thank you for the chance I got to apologise to Tom before I went to sleep, so that I did not have anything weighing heavy on my heart.

thank you for making my heart glad. Thank you Father.

I pray the day will come quickly, when I can worship you in heaven. Thank you for making me patient to wait for that day.

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