October 26th, 2004


(no subject)

Father Lord

Thank you for the good day at work today. Thank you for the good company I enjoyed it in. Thank you that my day was leisurely and finished relatively early at 1am.

Please be with Ali in her coming exams. Please clear her heart and mind to focus and recall everything she needs to complete her exams with good marks. Please be with her and bless her during this time so that she will not stress. Please calm her nerves. Please remind her of everything she needs to know.

Please help Nic White to find a new job that he is well suited to. Please be with him so that he may be bless financially, and give generously to those who need it. Please give him patience until he is able to find a new job. Please help him to use this time to be patient and loving towards his family.

Please also be with Matt Lydon. Please help him to sleep well and long at night so that he has the strength to discapline himself in matters regarding the heart, body and mind. Please help him as he struggles to be a Godly friend. Please help him as he trys to help those around him, but be there to remind him that everything he does, he does for your glory, so that he may glorify you, and help others glorify you too. I guess Lord, I'm just worried because he wants to change his advice giving techniques.

I've always liked hearing Matt's advice, Lord. I know that it is Godly, because you've blessed Matt with much insight and wisdom. I'm just scared that it'll change. You know Father, that I have difficulties in hearing advice, expecially from Brian, because my heart is hard and I don't like hearing that I'm too often wrong. I'm just scared that Matt will become another Brian, in his effort to change. I don't want Matt to change this aspect of himself. I'm scared Lord, because I'm having difficulties loving Brian because of my hard heart. Please, please help me with this. Please help me to accept this change. Please soften my heart, so that I may accept advice graciously. Please help me to know my good qualities without becoming vain, and understanding what needs to change, without becoming depressed. I hear often of my bad qualities, but not much which is good. Please help me to remember what is good, and to be more like that, while also changing my bad aspects to those of a good and Godly nature. Please Father. Please.