October 28th, 2004


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Hello Awesome Father

Thank you for the time I spent with Eddie today. Thank you for the love he has for you. Thank you for growing him in your faith, so that he can clearly see the truth. Thank you for compelling his heart to change Swan City Church. Thank you for helping him to see what is wrongwith that church. I pray that you will compel him to come to St Matts where he can recieve grounded teaching. Thank you for giving me love in my heart for Eddie. Thank you for compelling me to be friends with him again. Thank you for helping me to beat him in all our games of pool tonight. Although that is a selfish prayer, I am thankful of it.

Thank you for lunch with Nic White going some what well. Thank you for my attitude towards him being much warmer than before. I pray that I will show him love and kindness always and to have the right words to say to him.

Thank you mighty Lord for Kit. Thank you for guiding him through the rough patches and letting love and forgiveness rule in the hearts of many. Please let our time hanging out together go well tomorrow Lord. Please let us encourage and strengthen one another for your glory.

You are awesome Father. Thank you for blessing me so richly these last few days.


(no subject)

Good morning Lord God

Thank you for my good sleep last night. Thank you for my bath. Thank you for work today. Thank you for the time I spent with Eddie.

I pray for Dan. Thank you for the money you have blessed him with from his job. Thank you that he is enjoying his work and the past couple of weeks have gone well. I pray that he continues to work well at the aged care home. I pray for todays meeting with the disabled kid. Please let it go well Lord. I pray for Dan's effort inprayer andreading his Bible. He is doing one or the other Father, but not both. I pray that he will feel compelled to spend time in both activities so that he may be prepared for anything. I put forward Dan's parents meeting inMelbourne. I pray that a suitable house is found there, and all the detailsof moving and stuff, will be sorted while they have this time. Thank you for the wisdom you have blessed Dan with, and he presence in our group, even though it didn't last long on Tuesday due to time constraints. Please bless Dan in his pursuit of Godliness.

I pray concerning Brian. Lord, I still don't feel very loving towards him at times. Please soften my heart so that I may start to rebuild our friendship, and maybe he will make the same effort. Thank you that he called to inform me of a group gathering yesterday. I felt included in that, and that he wasn'tavoiding me. Thank you that he was making that small effort. I pray for Brian's motivation to work. Please help him to wake up each morning with more gusto. Please help him to realise that the next few weeks will go quickly. Thank you that he has been getting up, much to the aggrevation towards Nic. I would also like to put foward Brian's behaviour towards his non-Christian friends. Help him to act in a Godly manner, so that they will see something is different and good in Brian, and be interested in that.

Father Lord. Sometimes I feel the longing for some kind of boyfriend. I know that I am not ready for a boyfriend or anything like that. I ask that this feeling be suppressed until I am ready. Please take away this burden Lord, as it can sometimes cloud my vision and get inthe way of better friendships with guys. I want to focus on building myself in you, which is harder to do when on got guys on my mind. Please help me to build my friendships with guys in a manner that is pure and bringing glory to you. Please help me to build friendships with other girls, so that my thoughts are not only clouded by my guy-friends, but also by my many girl-friends, who can encourage me in right thinking and behaviour.