October 29th, 2004


(no subject)

Hello Lord

Thank you for today so far.

I pray for Nic Markham. Please be with him always as he struggles to find the energy to work, as well as honour his family and find love for those around him. Please help him to do as his mother expects of him, so that he does not show her impatience, but love. Please help him to do his house hold jobs, instead of taking it easy, and running away from them. Please help him to show loveto hisfamily, as well as his friends and those he finds unlovely. Please be with Nic as he battles with issues of pride. Please help him to recognise it and not to listen to it. I also pray for Nic's relationship with Brian. As they spend every day in each others company, please help them to be patient with each other. Please give Nic love for Brian, and please help him to think clearly with debating issues with brian, so that neither of them are led astray.

Lord, thank you for helping me with my pride over the past few days. Thank you for giving me strength last night when my hand got really banged up several times over. Please help me not to listen to my pride, or get proud over me not listening to my pride. Please also help Nic and Matt and all others struggling with this issue

Thank you for the time I got to hang out with Nic White, Eddie and Kit over the past few days, and thank you that I was able to just chill out today at Tom's and not think at all, and not have to take uber control over my words. Thank you for the time I got to relax. Thank you that Eddie is going to be coming to St Matts this Sunday. Please help him to get the most out of the sermon.