November 3rd, 2004


(no subject)

Hello Father

I pray for Matt. He's really stressed. He needs sleep and a clear mind and the strength to discapline himself. Things are needing to change, and he needs to persevere throughout it, and not neglect you in this time. Please be with him at all time. Please give him your strength to get through the next two weeks. Please Father. He's so low on energy and sleep and all other things I'm not aware of. I don't know what else to pray for him. He really needs your strength Lord. Please, just help him in these next two weeks. He might not be able to stand up to all he has to face, and things, whatever they may be, could detiriorate very quickly. But please, hold it together.

I haven't seen Brian in a while Father. I am concerned over our friendship. It isn't really a friendship at all. I hardly ever talk to him, and when I do, I don't do it kindly or with love. Please let my words and actions towards Brian be filled with love. Please compell him to make an effort towards our friendship, and repairing the rift that has grown. Please look after Brian, with his early morning starts and hard work throughout the day.

I am concerned over all my friends Father. Most of them are under exam stress; Kit is trying his hardest to be a better friend and work at his relational skills; Nic is finding it hard to have the energy each day to fulfill his chores at home, thus showing love to his family, as well as working every day at the orchard; Lise is working with her non-Christian friends at uni and her patience is being tested concerning Dan; Cordery is battling depression, but thankfully, is now on medication that will make things easier for him; Kooy had a job interview today and is studying for his coming exams and working on assignments; Kat is battling her feelings regarding Billy; And Matt. Father, he needs your strength to get through the next two weeks. Brian, I just don't know, I am concerned because... I don't know. I just am concerned on Brian's behalf.

My heart is troubled Father. I lift all my friends up to you. Please lighten their load. Please take their burden. All of them are so very busy.

I didn't properly pray for Kooy's interview last night or today, only lifting it to you briefly on the hope that "everything goes alright". But I do pray that everything went alright. That he was honest and open and made a good impression.

I pray that you bring me a place to stay. That I will have my own roof over my own head. Thank you for my fornightly income. Thank you that I was able to put enough away to live somewhere.

Father, please bring your peace and love upon us all.