November 4th, 2004


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Good Morning Heavenly Father

I'm sorry for my sin. For my pride, my fear, for thinking I don't need you. I'm sorry.

Thank you for you love and forgiveness. Please help me to stay away from sin and temptation. That would be cool.

Please be with those facing exams. Please give them clear heads and minds, so that they may be able to easily recall all the information they need.
Please be with those studying. Please help them to get all the information they need, stuffed into their heads while they use this time. Please let them use it wisely, instead of procrastinating.

Please be with the American government. Please use Bush to make somepositive change. Please help the administrators and officals and all others to do right by you. It seems a hopeless situation, but, you can make things right Father. You are powerful enough to do whatever pleases you. Please work in this so everything is made right. Please Father. Work in this.


(no subject)

Please give me your faith Father. Mine is lacking and so much is wrong within myself and my relationship with you. I cannot see any end to it.
Please make me a better person. Please help me to be patient in my growth. Will there ever be a time in my life when I'll stop growing?
What place do I, have in your kingdom? I want to say that I am the least of your servants, but is that false modesty or real? I don't know Lord! I don't know anything.
I've stuffed up too often, and the spare time you giive me to dwell on you, I brutally misuse by over messaging people and reading books. I ought to be dwelling on your words, and learning more of your nature. I ought to take my spiritual growth upon myself, instead of relying upon church or Bible Study groups.
I know that your forgiveness is endless. I know you will that I draw closer to you each day. I want to be what you want me to be. But I forget. I acted awfully at Anna's party, and I was stupid and loud at Bible study on Tuesday.

How do I give myself over to you completely? Can it ever be possible? Or is the only possibility to strive to give ourselves up without ever being able to? I long to be in your kingdom, but I am only to be there because of your grace. Please Lord. Please Father. Give me faith. Please give me the strength to persevere towards being more like your son. Please help me to be a Godly woman.